Jaromir Beranek

Jaromir Beranek (* May 14, 1986) is a member of the Prague City Assembly, representing the Pirate Party and Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee of the Prague City Assembly. He has been with the Czech Pirate Party since November 2016, later served as a financial manager and currently acts as the leader of Prague Pirates.

Jaromir studied at universities in Prague, Cologne and Fort Lauderdale and holds Master’s degrees in International Management and Law. He is a seasoned financial and portfolio manager with experience from multinationals (Bosch, O2) and well as the startup community (Wayra, StartupYard). Jaromir is fluent in English and German and has a basic command of French. He is an avid runner and enjoys traveling and long hikes in the mountains.

In 2018, Jaromir was elected to Prague City Assembly. As Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee, he focuses on Smart City and innovation projects, and promotes enterpreneurship. Furthermore, he oversees financial administration and European projects as well as the development of the integrated transportation system, and the promotion of clean mobility. Since October 2019, he was also serving the Deputy Chair of the Pirate Party Group in the Prague City Assembly.