This is Copenhagen

Discover the capital of Denmark, in the south of Scandinavia.

God dag!

/ɡodaːɡ/[ɡ̊oˈd̥æːˀ] Good day!

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. The country is considered to be one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world. In addition to ranking as having the world’s highest social mobility, Denmark has been among the top 3 countries in the annual World Happiness Report for the past 5 years.

About the City

Routinely ranked as one of the most sustainable and liveable cities in the world, Copenhagen is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to urban solutions. A city where the number of bikes outnumber the amount of cars, Copenhagen has vowed to become the first carbon-neutral city by 2025.


This ambitious undertaking is shared by socially-conscious and climate-friendly citizens who take pride in the fact that they live in an urban space that is surrounded by water, parks, efficient public transport and sustainable businesses.

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To Do In Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

This theme park is so famous that some people visit Copenhagen just for going there! After Bakken, also located in the city, Tivoli Gardens is the world’s oldest theme park.

Be inspired

What better place to discover Scandinavian architecture and modern design. Recharge in the Botanical Garden or get a breath of fresh ideas at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, or simply stroll through the historical streets of Copenhagen. Don’t forget to visit The Little Mermaid on your way!

Rent a bike; it's free!

It’s true, in Copenhagen you can rent one of the 1,300 bikes the city provides, for free. All you need to do is go to one of the 125 bike parking areas in the city centre, pay a refundable deposit of 3$, and you’re ready to roll!