The world in which we inhabit is changing. Rapidly and particularly in urban spaces, such as large metropolises. By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in these spaces.
This phenomenon poses many issues and will fundamentally alter our environment, ways of working, consumption habits and how we interact on a day-to-day basis. Rapid urbanisation will lead to cities being challenged by climate change, shifting demographics, increased polarisation and the widespread adoption of new technologies. Smarter, adaptable and more reslient urban spaces are required.

At URBANITY 2030, we will welcome forward-thinkers from across multiple industries and sectors to engage in the discussion on what organisations, businesses and cities themselves
are doing (and must do) in order to prepare for what is to come. This three-day summit will offer attendees interactive workshop.



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    Marie Kåstrup

    Head of Bicycle Program

    City of Copenhagen

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    Frank Hatzack

    Futurist & Senior Advisor 

    Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

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    Rasmus Thomsen

    Partner & Design Director

    Is It a BIRD?

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    Line Groes


    Is It a BIRD?

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    Sofie Pelsmakers

    Assistant Professor Sustainable Housing Design & Chair of Sustainable Housing Design

    University of Tampere

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    Gesine Junker Dipl. Ing. MRTPI

    Principal Urban Design TfL

    London, United Kingdom

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    Human Shojaee



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    Peter Madden OBE

    Professor of Practice in City Futures

    University of Cardiff

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